About this project

Earthly Wellington is a multi-disciplinary project focused on providing fun ways for university students and wider communities to engage with Wellington’s unique ecosystem.

The format includes a new zine issue each week for 12 weeks to be released on Fridays. Starting from 16th August there will be treasure hunt clues included in each zine, which will lead to various sites of interest in the green spaces of Wellington. And ultimately, treasure!

If you come across a zine out there in the wild, please feel free to take it with you, and once you are done with it, please recycle.

This is a socially-focused art project run by Fine Arts and Biodiversity & Ecology student Aiden Reason. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or Facebook.

I can also be found at events organised by or related to the Society for Conservation Biology – Victoria University (VUWSCB), or roaming Ngaio walking tracks.